Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Presents Safe and Economical Load Limit Switches and Load Indicating Devices

W. C. Dillon developed the first of the Dillon force measurement devices over 70 years ago to provide accurate measurements for cabling and wiring installation and maintenance.  Today Dillon/DQ Plus represents safe and economical load limit and load indicating devices used by public utilities, nuclear facilities, tower erectors, armed services, and off shore monitoring all over the world.

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Load Limit Switches

Load Limit Switches

Dillon's force control switches are used to protect cranes, hoists and other lifting machinery against weight or force overload as well as slack load.  DynaSwitch® overload protection switches also perform control functions.

DynaSwitch® In-Line Load Limit Switches

Operating in either normal or extreme environments, DynaSwitch® overload protection switches may be installed at the dead end of a line. If this is not feasible, the DynaSwitch® can also support an equalizer sheave or an entire hoist may be suspended from the DynaSwitch®.

Cranegard®  Clamp-on Load Limit Switches

The Cranegard® force control switch clamps on the line–enabling it to be mounted where a DynaSwitch® is not possible. When using  Cranegard®limit switches, no rope cutting is required. With both Dillon  overload protection devicessimple and ultra-reliable passive sensors provide switch contacts that open or close at specified loads.

DynaSwitch® Factory Authorized Service & Calibration Center

Dillon/DQ Plus is a Factory Authorized Service & Calibration Center for all of the DynaSwitch® overload protection devices. All Dillon Factory Authorized Service & Calibrations are certified and traceable to NIST. Certificates come complete with "As Received" and "After Calibration Data" and all calibration procedures conform to the stringent guidelines of ISO 10012-1 and ANSI Z540-1 (formerly MIL-STD 45662A).

StraightpointLoad Indicating Devices

wireless load shackle

Dillon/DQ Plus is proud to represent Straightpoint’s line of load indicating products with Straightpoint Loadshackles and Loadpins.

Straightpoint Loadshackles: Wired and Wireless

Straightpoint Loadshackles are configured both wired and wireless, with stocked loadcells in capacities ranging from 3.25t to 120t and ordered up to 1550t. Manufactured from Crosby’s industry leading 2130 Carbon and 2140 Alloy BoltType Anchor Shackles (3.25te - 120te) and the GNH10 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle (200te on up), Straightpoint Loadshackles are built to withstand even the toughest environments.

For a cost effective alternative the Straightpoint Cabled Loadshackle is compact and lightweight and employs many of the same features as the Straightpoint Wireless Load Cell. Robust and accurate, the cabled load cell is also environmentally sealed and can be used with a variety of digital displays.

Straightpoint Loadpins

Manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel with an anti-rotation plate as a cabled or wireless solution, Straightpoint Loadpins are great for integrated solutions or applications that don’t allow use of an end of line load cell. They are often used in industries where harsh environments call for a reliable loadpin or one that can withstand seawater in extreme depths.

Whether your application requires force control switches, wireless or cabled loadcells, and/ or load measurement pins, when you order overload protection devices from Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. you work directly with the Dillon family–pioneers and experts in overload measurement and protection. Contact us today for personalized service with products you can rely on.