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Welcome to Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. a premier Distributor, Sales, Service and Calibration Facility for Load Limit Switches, Force Control and Measurement Products

Dillon DynaSwitch® and Cranegard® Load Limit Force Control Switches

Dillon is a Factory Authorized Service & Calibration Center for all of the DynaSwitch® overload protection devices. Staffed with highly skilled professionals, Dillon technicians are experts who understand and appreciate the importance quick turnaround times.

All Dillon Factory Authorized Service & Calibrations are certified and traceable to NIST. Certificates come complete with "As Received" and "After Calibration Data" and all calibration procedures conform to the stringent guidelines of ISO 10012-1 and ANSI Z540-1 (formerly MIL-STD 45662A).

W. C. Dillon developed the first of the Dillon force measurement devices over 70 years ago to provide accurate measurements for cabling and wiring installation and maintenance. Today Dillon's safe and economical force measurement devices are used by public utilities, nuclear facilities, tower erectors, armed services, and material handlers all over the world.

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Dillon Force Control Switch Applications

Dillon's force control switches are used to protect cranes, hoists and other lifting machinery against weight or force overload as well as slack load. DynaSwitch® overload protection switches also perform control functions. Limit switches (as opposed to dial indicators) not only shut off power when an overload condition exists, but also operate lights, buzzers or klaxons–providing a warning for crane or hoist overload.

DynaSwitch® In-Line Load Limit Switches

Operating in either normal or extreme environments, DynaSwitch® overload protection switches may be installed at the dead end of a line. If this is not feasible, the DynaSwitch® can also support an equalizer sheave or an entire hoist may be suspended from the DynaSwitch®.

Cranegard® Clamp-on Load Limit Switches

The Cranegard® force control switch clamps on the line–enabling it to be mounted where a DynaSwitch® is not possible. When using Cranegard® limit switches, no rope cutting is required.

DynaSwitch® and Cranegard® Brochure

With both Dillon overload protection devices, simple and ultra-reliable passive sensors provide switch contacts that open or close at specified loads.

● Overload protection
● Slack-line detection
● Up to four switches on a single device

When you order overload protection devices from Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. you work directly with the Dillon family–pioneers and experts in overload protection. Contact us today for personalized service with products you can rely on.

Overload Protection and Overload Weighing Equipment
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